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Get your ideal weight in 30 days by restarting your metabolism!

Shaper Cut targets all problems related to gaining weight:






Cures sugar


your appetite

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Shaper cut is a scientifically
proven way to get a fit body:


Safe and permanent weight loss: up to 5-10 pounds per month


Modern fat burning using the power of your hormones


Long-term effects thanks to over 40% metabolic rate boost

Unique combination of 10 scientifically tested ingredients and simple Diet Tips will let your body burn fat safely and efficiently on it’s own - by restoring your natural Hormonal Balance and Metabolism.

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Why most fat burners you tried can't help you?

You probably already tried a few „magic fat loss pills” while trying to lose weight.

Unfortunately, using standard fat burners mostly results in:

  • Health problems:
    • Increased heart rate, blood pressure and jitteriness
    • Nausea and sickness
    • Headaches and stomachaches
  • Sweating instead of burning fat
  • Wasting your money and getting NO effects

What makes Shaper
Cut different?

Shaper Cut was made to be different:

  • Safe and steady fat loss, free from side effects
  • Increased results with easy and tasty Diet Tips
  • Permanent scientifically proven fat loss
  • Long-term fat loss by permanently increasing
    your metabolism and restoring your
    Hormonal Balance
  • Stimulation of termogenic proteins in your Body
  • Increased digestive speed
  • High quality, scientifically tested ingredients

Shaper Cut was designed to make you succeed, NOT fail.

Don't worry - you're not alone. We know how you feel!

All these problems are caused by your Insulin, Cortisol and Leptin constantly kicking you in the knee:

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  • „Hyperinsulinemic diseases of civilization: more than just Syndrome X”

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Your body deserves to be treated with the most proven solutions.
Shaper Cut is based on science, not a guess.

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Be proud of your results


How does it work?

Restart your metabolism

Improve your

In order to help your body keep it’s natural body weight you should first change some of your eating habits.

SHAPER CUT comes with simple and easy to follow Diet Plan, making sure you’re not confusing your body and truly maximizing your results.

Improve your diet

your Body

Now that we’ve got your diet under control it’s time to further improve your effects.

SHAPER CUT helps your body to naturally keep it’s shape and weight just the way it’s supposed to be.

Restart your metabolism

Enjoy your

The combination of SHAPER CUT and Diet Plan quickly begins to show visible results.

Congratulations, you’ve made it.
Now you can enjoy a happier and leaner life.

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Improve your diet


Each Shaper Cut comes with free 30 days Diet Plan to make sure you’re getting fit even faster.

This powerful combination guarantess up to extra 7lbs body fat burned each month.

Diet Plan is different from any typical diet:

  • Easy to understand and follow
  • Nutritious and filling for long periods of time
  • Ready to serve in 20 minutes
  • Flexible and affordable

Forget about:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with strict dietary programs
  • Wasting your time reading labels and counting calories
  • Eating dry, tastless food which makes you feel miserable


Restart your metabolism

The reason why ”diets don’t work” is because they ignore the fundamental role of your Hormones in the process of keeping your weight at optimal levels.

If you don’t take care of your Insulin, Cortisol and Leptin it often responds with:

  • Increasing your body fat
  • Addicting you to sugar
  • Draining your energy and motivation

SHAPER CUT is THE ONLY supplement which can permanently balance your Insulin, Cortisol and Leptin levels in 4 weeks



Enjoy your success

Research shows that combination of Shaper Cut and Diet Tips guarantees up to 15lbs less body fat per month.

But don’t take our word for it!

Pick up your smartphone and take a picture of your body everyday to see the difference yourself.

That way your results will be even more visible.

Allow yourself for a true metamorphosis. Don't wait, until it's to late.

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Shaper Cut contains
only safe and healthy


Real world results from using Shaper Cut

  • foto

    Amanda Dawson

    I struggled with my weight since I was a little girl. My mother, aunt and grandma had the same issue and I got stuck with it too ;(.

    I thought you can't win with your genetics, can you?. I ordered Shaper with great doubt since I already tried many different pills and none helped me one bit. 5 weeks into my treatment and all I can say is that I never weighed so little since I turned 20! Almost 18pounds of fat somehow evaporated from my body.

    And there's no yo-yo effect that I know of

  • foto

    Betty Jordan

    FINALLY I feel truly attractive! My BFFs spent tons of cash on some strange pills and Im the only one who actually lost weight :))

    Im already 16 pounds down and you can't even imagine how relieved I am now! I'm no longer the "fat one" on every party and men FINALLY began noticing my existance!

    Dear Goood I ve never felt so hot!!!!

  • foto

    Kathy Winston

    Until I gave birth twice my physique was fine. I was never excessively slim but my body looked just OK.

    And then it all began... diets, running, gym, yoga, swimming, all for NOTHING!! My weight wouldn't drop even one ounce! I was so totaly fed up when from utter desperation I ordered Shaper.

    The best decision of this year! I started month ago and already lost 8pounds of fat. AT LAST I found something that works and I'm not giving it away!

  • foto

    Martha Schneider

    I honestly NEVER believed in any magic fat loss pills. My mother spent THOUSANDS of dollars on worthless herbs and I promised myself never to follow her lead.

    BUT my best friend, knowing my skepticism gave me 3 of her own pills to try. Since it was free I made an exception. And I was ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED!!

    I stopped craving for chocolate and pizza - my biggest problems when dieting. I do NOT need them anymore in my life and my stomach is getting smaller by the day :).

    I've lost over 20 pounds so far and I'm heading for more!

  • foto

    John Prescot

    30 pounds - this is how much I lost thanks to shaper. My family and friends from work actually dont believe me when I say it'ss only because of some pills but I'm not gonna insist:)

    I can see on my own body what's best for me and well as far as I'm concerned they can continue starving themselves on lettuce and kale hahahaha!

  • foto

    Lynda Wallace

    Working for big corporations can be really challenging. But keeping your wasteline within reasonable bounds is even tougher when you stay late at work all the time.

    You begin eating junk food just to survive. After getting engaged I tried to lose weight to fit into my wedding dress but i simply couldn't. Shaper cut was my biggest secret for sheding over 15 pounds.

    My family didn't believe me when I said I'm not dieting or working out. Thank you!! Our wedding was beautiful

  • foto

    Tim Henderson

    As an accountant I don't get a lot of chance to excercise. I sit behind my desk 8-10hours daily, staring at computer screen.

    No wonder quickly after getting my first job my gut began growing alarmingly. I tried fruit diet, vegetable diet, vegan diet. I couldn't last longer than 3 days.

    Shaper cut allowed me to lose my gut without sacrificing my whole life to dieting and working out and I'm extremely happy about that.

Here’s what
you’re getting

bonus gifts

Shaper Cut

Shaper Cut

90 pills

Instant access

Instant access

to our exclussive Blog,
covering the topic
of fat loss

Diet tips

Diet tips

designed to fit in your
busy life schedule



covering most useful
tips for hormonal
fat burning

Shaper Cut is your safe choice

Days money back guarantee

We have thousands of happy customers all now enjoying a happier, healthier life with the body they’ve always wanted.

We’re certain you’ll be thrilled with your results too, but just in case, we offer a risk free, 30 days money back guarantee, so you can purchase with absolute confidence.

Secure payment


We offer a safe and secure checkout process where your personal information is respected and kept private.

Product warranty


Once the product is delivered, you are provided with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Cutomer service


Your revolutionary customer journey starts today. For support, contact the Kobe Nutrition team via email at [email protected]

Tracking & Delivering

& Delivering

From the moment of placing your order it will be closely monitored and tracked until it arrives at your door, within 5 business days.

Consider these 5 facts once more.


Shaper Cut is a complex, hormonal solution for a metabolic, long-term fat loss


Powerful effects of Shaper Cut come from taking advantage of hormonal fat burning and increasing your metabolism


Diet Tips included with Shaper Cut are not strict, complicated or difficult to follow.


Diet Tips which are easy to cook, nutritious and „surprisingly tasty!”


If Shaper Cut doesn’t work for you, it’s FREE.

Take advantage of our time limited discount:
Order now and get yourself a special price and free worldwide delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Shaper Cut work for me?

Shaper Cut’s unique formula uses a powerful blend of proven ingredients designed to help you lose weight by improving your metabolism and regulating your fat burning hormones.

By combining the power of your Insulin, Cortisol and Leptin with a proper Diet Plan, your fat burning results are inevitable. This is simply how human body works.

How exactly will Shaper Cut make me lose weight?

The key reason for gaining weight is not lack of activity or eating too many calories. You gaining fat is a result of your hormones responding to a low quality of food you put inside your body by making you constantly tired, non-motivated and obese.

Shaper Cut combined with a Diet Plan will restore your natural hormonal balance, so that your body can safely and naturally drop all the excessive fat it used to store – it will not need it anymore and so will you.

How long will one bottle last me?

Each bottle of Shaper Cut contains ninety pills, giving you a complete thirty day supply. Most weight loss products will only give you thirty pills per bottle andsell it to you as a one month supply. But because you must usually take two tablets each day, one bottle will only last you two weeks. Shaper Cut gives you triple the pills of most products, meaning you get a full month’s supply in every bottle.

How do I take Shaper Cut?

Simply take two Shaper Cut pill with your breakfast and one with your lunch. DO NOT exceed the recommended dosage. Because Shaper Cut contains caffeine andother ingredients formulated to increase your energy levels we do not recommend you take Shaper Cut after 3pm so as to avoid interrupting your sleeping patterns. Ifyou are sensitive to caffeine we recommend you limit your intake of coffee and other caffeine-containing beverages while taking Shaper Cut.

How much should I order to get the best results?

Studies have shown that it takes, on average, sixty-six days to break a bad habit and to form a new, good one.

If you’re thinking about supporting your fat loss with Shaper Cut chances are that you’re addicted to bad nutritional sources, such as proccessed carbohydrates or lowquality of fats and protein. Shaper Cut comes with a Diet Plan made specifically to break your bad eating habits and help you sink into new and healthy lifestyle.

Typically because results will always vary between individuals, we recommend you order a two month supply of Shaper Cut. If you have a lot of weight to lose, werecommend you take advantage of our „buy three, get two FREE multi-buy package” for great results and great savings.

Is using Shaper Cut safe?

Each bottle of Shaper Cut contains only natural, scientifically tested ingredients. Even though Shaper Cut influences powerful hormonal reactions within it’s body, thedosage is well-balanced, so using the product is safe both for you and your body.

Who should avoid taking Shaper Cut?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women and those under 18 years of age should avoid taking Shaper Cut. If you are currently taking any prescription medication or youhave any pre-existing medical condition or you are allergic to any ingredient of Shaper Cut, you should consult your medical health professional before taking ShaperCut.

Can I buy Shaper Cut on Amazon, eBay or in pharmacy?

You can currently only purchase Shaper Cut from the official website We accept Visa and MasterCard payments. Please do not attempt to purchaseShaper Cut from any other websites such as Amazon or eBay in the hope of saving on the purchase price. These products are cheap, counterfeit solutions and are NOTShaper Cut.

Is my order secure

All orders are processed safely and securely using 2048-bit encryption. This is the same level of security that all leading banks use.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver Shaper Cut worldwide. All orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours and your order will be delivered to you in discreet packaging.

Do you have any discounts or offers?

Yes! We offer some great multi-buy savings. For the best value, long-term weight loss and weight maintenance we recommend you buy three Shaper Cuts

Do you have any money-back guarantee?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but your weight. Simply return any unused Shaper Cut in its original packaging within 30 days of receiving your order and we’ll give you a full refund, excluding any shipping charges.

What are the ingredients of one Shaper Cut daily dosage?

L- Carnitine - 300mg

Citrus Aurantium Extract - 300 mg

Green Tea Extract - 200 mg

- including EGCG - 90 mg

Caffeine - 200 mg

Garcinia Cambogia Extract- 150 mg

- including HCA - 90 mg

L-Tyrosine- 100 mg

Cayenne Pepper- 100 mg

- Including capsaicine - 0,3 mg

Black Pepper Extract - 5 mg

- including Piperine - 5 mg

Chrome - 40 µg *

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or any equivalent institution. These product is not intented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. This product is high in caffeine and not recommended for use by breast-feeding women, persons with heart diseases, hypertension or allergy against any of the products’ ingredients. This product is not intended for use by persons under age 18. Contains caffeine. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Keep away from children.

Store this product in a cool dry place below 30C (86 F).

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